A Shortcut to Making Your Own Dog Food

In a previous post, I talked about how I got tired of the scary dog food recalls and rumors of horrible ingredients  and stopped buying grocery store kibble.  The alternative plan was to go ahead and make homemade dog food for my dog River which definitely felt like the right thing to do.

I did make River homemade food according to the recipe I gave in the earlier post and he really liked it. Making the food was a bit labor intensive for my busy schedule but I would have continued to do it anyway if I hadn’t run across a great time saving short cut.  I’m all about short cuts as long as I don’t have to forfeit  anything important.

Fortunately, there is a company, Sojourner Farms Natural Pet Food Company, which offers what they call “pre-mixes” that you just combine with meat and water and presto, you have fresh, homemade dog food in minutes. This seemed like the best of both worlds–I get to control the quality of meat that I give my dog and they make it safe, simple, and convenient for me to feed my dog healthy, premium dog food. Sounded good, really good.

I checked  Sojourner Farms out and found they’ve been making pet food in their own facility for 25 years and are committed to using only human-quality ingredients that are safe, healthy and free of contamination. In fact, co-owner Maggie Johnson had this to say about both quality and safety: “It has been a great relief for our customers to know that we don’t use any feed-grade ingredients, by-products, or chemicals in our products, and that all of our grains are locally grown in the Midwest. And, considering that[one of] the recent high-profile recall[s] is due to contaminated wheat gluten and corn, people feel safe knowing that all of our dog food is wheat and corn free.” This was just what I was hoping to hear and now it was time to order.

The first thing I noticed when ordering was that they have no shipping charges! That’s fantastic since shipping charges are something I had previously considered a real down side to ordering any dog food online because of the product’s weight.  For dog food, I had three types to choose from: Original–which needs meat and veggies added, Grain-Free–which is a “just add meat” mix, and their Complete mix where all you add is water. I have a German Shepherd that scratches a lot and may be allergic to some grains so I chose the Grain-Free mix. Sojourner Farms suggests you transition to this food–well, any new food–gradually so I followed their guidelines without any difficulty.

My dog River, who is a finicky eater really seems to love this food. I’m sure the fact that I add 1 1/2 cups of meat to 1 1/2 cups of mix helps him to eat it with gusto! The mixing wasn’t a big deal and just takes a few minutes – quick and easy.  A great side benefit is that I no longer have any guilt about the quality of food I’m feeding River–I actually feel good about making a safe and healthy choice for him. I’m so glad I took a chance and gave Sojo’s a try. (By the way, River’s itching seems to have stopped entirely.)


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